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  • Abortion Laws: Restrictions + Protections
  • Clinics that provide abortion
  • Medication Abortion (MAB) by Mail options
  • Insurance Coverage
  • Ways to pay for your abortion
  • Abortion Appointment Checklist

Abortion Laws: Restrictions + Protections

Wyoming State Statute 35-6-102 was updated in March of 2022 to include a “trigger law,” stating that the state will ban abortions if the Supreme Court overturns Roe v Wade. Exceptions include life endangerment of the pregnant person and if the pregnancy is the result of sexual assault or incest. Check out the details here.

While this trigger law banning abortion in Wyoming went into effect in July, 2022, it is currently being challenged in the courts and is currently not in effect. It appears as though the two abortion providers in Wyoming (Women’s Health and Family Care Clinic in Jackson and Just the Pill medication abortion by mail) are still providing abortion care. Please contact them directly for questions about their services

Legal RestrictionsLegal Protections
CURRENT LAW: No abortion may be performed after a fetus has reached viability, except when necessary to protect the woman from “an imminent peril that substantially endangers her life or heath, according to appropriate medical judgment.”
(Wyoming State Statute 35-6-102)
This subsection is repealed on the date that the subsection below takes effect
There are NO legal protections explicitly stated in the Wyoming Constitution or state statutes.
An abortion shall NOT be performed except when necessary to preserve the woman from serious risk of death or of substantial and irreversible physical impairment (not including psychological or emotional conditions) or if the pregnancy is a result of incest or sexual assault (reported to law enforcement within 5 days).
This subsection shall be effective 5 days after the date that the Supreme Court of the United States has overruled Roe v Wade.
(Wyoming State Statue 35-6-102b)
Private institutions are not required to perform abortions; Private institutions will inform prospective patients seeking abortion that service is not provided at said institution; Private institutions are not liable for refusal to provide abortion.
(Wyoming State Statute 35-6-105)
Persons are not required to perform or participate in abortions; no institution may impose sanctions or discriminate against any person refusing to perform or participate in abortion procedures.
(Wyoming State Statute 35-6-106)
Public funding only available for abortions in case of incest, sexual assault (reported to law enforcement within 5 days), or when life of the mother would be endangered if pregnancy was carried to full term.
(Wyoming State Statute 35-6-117)
Parental notice and consent is required for minor (under age 18) to obtain an abortion.
– Physician must give written notice 48 hrs prior to performing abortion and must obtain written consent from at least 1 parent/guardian of minor.
– Parental Mandate can be waived with permission from a judge: person under 18 must receive court order finding that person is mature and informed enough to make own decision or the abortion is in their best interest.
(Wyoming State Statute 35-6-118)
Only a licensed physician in the state of Wyoming using standard medical care practices may perform an abortion.
(Wyoming State Statute 35-6-111, -112)
Sources for Legal Information:
wyoleg.gov/statestatuates/statuesdownload ® Title 35- Public Health and Safety ® Chapter 6
Updated September 2022

Abortion Clinics in Wyoming

There is currently only one abortion clinic in Wyoming and it does not offer a surgical abortion option.

Do you need to get an abortion after 10 weeks?

Medication Abortion by Mail

What are your options if you want a medication abortion by mail?

  1. Just the Pill aka Abortion Delivered can be utilized to find a provider in either Montana or Wyoming. They ship within 2-3 days for patients of all ages who have pregnancies up to 10 weeks LMP. The average price is $0-350 and financial assistance is available.
  2. Aid Access ships pills for all ages up to 12 weeks LMP. Price is $105 and financial assistance is available. For Wyoming, delivery can take up to 14-21 days!
  3. Abortion on Demand can be utilized to find a provider in Montana, Washington or Oregon *requires out-of-state travel*
    1. $239 fee covers telehealth appointment with a board certified physician, overnight shipping of medications, and coordination of follow up appointments if needed

Insurance Coverage

Does Wyoming law allow insurance to cover abortion? It’s complicated

Do you have insurance through employment with the state?Abortion is covered only in cases of life endangerment.
Do you have insurance through the Affordable Care Act in Wyoming? Abortion is covered only in cases of life endangerment, rape, or incest.
Do you have private insurance? Check with your insurance provider though it is likely that abortion is covered only in cases of life endangerment.
Do you have insurance through Wyoming’s Medicaid/Medicare program? Abortion is covered only in cases of life endangerment, or if the pregnancy is the result of rape or incest.
Updated March 2022 from the Guttmacher Institute

Ways to Pay for your Abortion 

If you are traveling to Washington, Idaho, Oregon, or Alaska to access abortion care, see the Northwest Abortion Access Fund. If traveling to other states, the National Network of Abortion Funds can help patients access abortion funds in other states.  

A note about Planned Parenthood: Planned Parenthood Northwest is unable to offer discounts on abortion care; they also do not offer payment plans for abortion care

* They offer a 40% discount off of the office fee if you pay for your abortion the day-of, but no discount for the abortion service itself.

Abortion Appointment Checklist

  • Need ID? Yes, state or federal identification is required.
  • Need Parental Notification/Consent? Yes, you need the consent of one parent if you are under 18.
    • In Wyoming, parental consent is required for patients under age 18.
    • A judge may excuse you from this requirement.
  • Insurance Information:
    • You will need to provide your insurance information if you’d like your insurance to be billed. Many state insurance plans and Wyoming Medicaid do not cover abortion except in cases of life endangerment, rape, or incest.
  • Payment
    • Call your chosen provider beforehand to see how much your abortion will cost. There is financial assistance available through Chelsea’s Fund or the National Network of Abortion Funds.