Telemedicine and Medication Abortion by Mail

What is telemedicine abortion?

Telemedicine abortion combines medical abortion—using pills to end a pregnancy—and telemedicine—interacting with your health provider over a video call instead of physically going into a clinic or hospital. The medications are mailed to you, so you do not need to go to a pharmacy.

What is a medical abortion?

Medical abortion is a non-invasive option to terminate pregnancy in the first trimester using mifepristone and misoprostol.  One medication will be taken first, the patient waits 1-2 days, and then takes a second medication.

Is it safe?

The World Health Organization endorses that abortions are very safe procedures when conducted or supported by an appropriately trained provider using an appropriate method.

Who can get a telemedicine abortion?

In the United States:

○ Positive pregnancy test either by urine test, serum test, or prior ultrasound

○ Certain of last menstrual period +/- 1 week

○ Depending on provider/resource <8 to <11 weeks since last menstrual period*

*In the US, medication can be taken up until 11 weeks after last menstrual period, globally this is acceptable until 12 weeks—the discrepancy in timelines does not reflect safety or efficacy of the medications

Why choose telemedicine abortion services?

There are many barriers to accessing abortion services be it restrictive laws, poor availability of services, high cost, mandatory waiting periods, finding a provider, and stigma. Telemedicine abortions allow for medical abortions to safely happen at the patient’s home or wherever they feel most comfortable. Not only does telemedicine abortion improve access, it improves patient autonomy.

Who can help?

See below for list of resources for people living in Washington, Wyoming, Alaska, Montana, and Idaho 


Aid Access
Cost: $150 or less (sliding scale available)
Availability: AK, ID, MT*, WA, WY*
Requirements: All ages, <12 weeks
*mailing time is 2-3 weeks
Abortion On Demand

Cost: $239
Availability: WA, MT (AK, WY soon)
Requirements: 18+ yo, < 8 weeks
Hey Jane
Text: 405-342-3654

Cost: $249
Availability: WA
Requirements: 18+ yo, <10 weeks
Just the Pill

Cost: $239
Availability: MT, WY
Requirements: 18+ yo, <10 weeks
Cedar River Clinic

Cost: Typically the same as in-person ($600), with sliding scale and insurance coverage available
Availability: WA (mail or pickup in Renton, Tacoma, or Yakima)
Requirements: All ages, <10 weeks
Planned Parenthood -Montana

Cost: Typically the same as in-person, with sliding scale and insurance coverage available
Availability: MT
Requirements: Montana address, 16+, <11 weeks
*delivery time ~7 days
My Abortion Network
Cost: $150 (sliding scale available)
Availability: WA
Requirements: All ages, <10 weeks

For more up-to-date information about telemedicine abortions:

○ “Plan C” at

○ National Abortion Federation at