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Abortion Laws: Restrictions + Protections

Idaho has a “trigger law” in place, it will go into effect 30 days after the Supreme Court releases an “issuance of judgement” on the Dobbs vs. Jackson Women’s Health Organization case. SCOTUS released a decision on this landmark case on 6/24/22, and in doing so overturned reproductive rights protected under Roe vs. Wade, but the official “issuance of judgement” is not expected until the end of July. Idaho’s trigger ban (Idaho Statue 18-622) will go into effect at the end of August. The specific law criminalizes any person who performs or attempts to perform an abortion, including administration of medication abortion. Exceptions include life endangerment of the pregnant person and if the pregnancy is a result of rape or incest reported to law enforcement. The exception for life endangerment does not cover cases wherein the physician fears that the patient will harm themselves if denied an abortion. Read the details here.

All of the information presented below applies to abortion in Idaho until Idaho Statue 18-622 goes into effect at the end of August, Planned Parenthood has announced it will be keeping abortion appointments up until the day the trigger law goes into effect.

Legal Restrictions of AbortionLegal Protections of Abortion
In March 2022, Governor Little signed SB 1309 into law, modeled after a Texas law that allows civil lawsuits against medical professionals who provide abortions after fetal cardiac activity, which can typically be detected at 6 weeks of pregnancy.
It has been temporarily blocked by the Idaho Supreme Court while it considers a lawsuit brought forth by Planned Parenthood that challenges the law. Therefore, abortion is currently legal up to viability, with the following limitations and restrictions. There is to be a hearing regarding this law on August 3rd.
Now that Roe v. Wade has been overturned, the following restrictions that are currently in place will no longer be relevant once Idaho State Statue 18-622 goes into effect (likely at the end of August. see above).
(Idaho State Statue 18-622)
Currently, a parent or guardian of a minor (< age 18) may provide consent before abortion is provided.
Patients must receive counseling that includes information designed to discourage patients from having an abortion (photos of fetuses and descriptions of their development in 2 week intervals, extensive information about childbirth and adoption options) and then wait 24 hours before the procedure is completed. (Most clinics are currently able to perform this counseling remotely).
Abortions may be performed after viability only in cases of life endangerment
Insurance coverage of abortion through private insurance plans, state health exchange plans, insurance policies for public employees, and public funding is extremely limited
Updated July 2022

Abortion Clinics in Idaho

Planned Parenthood closed its Boise clinic on 6/1/2022.

Planned Parenthood is planning on opening a clinic in Ontario, OR, right across the Oregon- Idaho border from Boise (approx a 45min-1hr drive). They do not yet have an opening date, but stay tuned.

These are the only clinics currently working in Idaho as of June 2022. Please see for more information.

**The “Medication Abortion Provider Consultation List” on the Idaho Department of Health and Human Welfare website is a list of religiously affiliated counseling services. 

It is NOT a list of clinics that provide medication abortions! 

Medication Abortion by Mail

What are your options if you want a medication abortion by mail?

  1. Aid Access offers medication abortion for patients of all ages with pregnancies up to 12 weeks. The cost is $150 or less and delivery typically takes 2-3 days. It is not yet clear how the Idaho trigger law will affect Aid Access.
  2. can be utilized to find a provider in either Montana or Wyoming *requires out-of-state travel*
  3. can be utilized to find a provider in Montana, Washington or Oregon *requires out-of-state travel*
    1. $239 fee covers telehealth appointment with a board certified physician, overnight shipping of medications, and coordination of follow up appointments if needed

Insurance Coverage

Does Idaho law allow insurance to cover abortion? It’s complicated

Do you have insurance through employment with the state? Abortion is covered only in cases of life endangerment unless you purchased an option rider at additional cost.
Do you have insurance through Idaho’s exchange under the Affordable Care Act?Abortion is covered only in cases of life endangerment, rape, or incest (which has to have been reported to law enforcement).
Do you have private insurance? Abortion is covered only in cases of life endangerment unless an option rider is purchased.
Do you have insurance through Idaho’s Medicaid/Medicare program?Abortion is covered only in cases of life endangerment, or if the pregnancy is the result of rape or incest.

Ways to Pay for your Abortion

The best option for funding your abortion (June 2022) is the
Northwest Abortion Access Fund.

A note about Planned Parenthood: Planned Parenthood Northwest is unable to offer discounts on abortion care; they also do not offer payment plans for abortion care

* They offer a 40% discount off of the office fee if you pay for your abortion the day-of, but no discount for the abortion service itself.

Abortion Appointment Checklist

  • Need ID? Yes, state or federal identification is required.
  • Need Parental Notification/Consent? Yes, you need the consent of one parent if you are under 18  
  • Insurance Information 
    • You will need to provide your insurance information if you’d like your insurance to be billed. Many state insurance plans and Idaho Medicaid do not cover abortion except in cases of life endangerment, rape or incest.
  • Payment
    • Idaho Planned Parenthood cannot offer discounts or payment plans for abortion services.
    • Call your chosen provider beforehand to see how much your abortion will cost.