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Abortion is banned in Idaho after 6 weeks, and family members of the aborted fetus can sue the medical provider who provided the abortion. Idaho’s abortion ban includes exceptions for rape or incest, if the incident was reported to the police. It is illegal to help minors travel out of state for an abortion without the consent of their parent or guardian. Adults are not prohibited from leaving the state to seek abortion care.

Legal Restrictions of AbortionLegal Protections of Abortion
Abortion is banned in Idaho with the exceptions to save a pregnant person’s life or if the pregnancy is a result of rape and/or incest that was reported to law enforcement.None
Family members of an aborted fetus can sue the healthcare provider that performed an illegal abortion for up to 4 years.
Idaho requires an “affirmative defense” meaning that a provider would have to prove in court that an abortion met criteria for a legal exemption.
It is illegal in Idaho to help minors leave the state to seek abortion care without the consent of their parent or guardian.
Updated April 2023

Abortion Clinics in Idaho

Check out and to research clinics in bordering states and telehealth services that can forward medication abortion to an out of state address.

Medication Abortion by Mail

What are your options if you want a medication abortion by mail?

It is possible to have medication abortion sent by mail forwarding address outside of the state of Idaho. Learn more about this option at

Insurance Coverage

Idaho insurance, public or private, does not cover abortion.

Ways to Pay for your Abortion

The best option for people traveling from Idaho to access abortion is the
Northwest Abortion Access Fund.

A note about Planned Parenthood: Planned Parenthood Northwest is unable to offer discounts on abortion care; they also do not offer payment plans for abortion care

* They offer a 40% discount off of the office fee if you pay for your abortion the day-of, but no discount for the abortion service itself.