Where to get care

Where can I refer my patients to receive an abortion?

If abortion is legal and available in your state, options include reproductive health centers, Planned Parenthood, private clinics and hospitals. Not all hospitals or clinics provide abortion care, even in states where the procedure is legal. 

Abortionfinder.org or prochoice.org are great resources for patients and providers alike to find options in their area.

Where NOT to get care: Crisis Pregnancy Center Awareness

  • Crisis Pregnancy Centers (CPCs) are anti-abortion clinics that use deceptive tactics to prevent pregnant persons from making an informed choice regarding their reproductive heath and pregnancy and termination options.
  • CPCs may present themselves as a real, licensed medical clinic. This can make it difficult to tell medical clinics from CPCs.
    • Most CPCs are unlicensed and do not fall under medical board requirements and standards of ethics.
    • In some cases, they misconstrue medical information and purposefully lie to patients about risks associated with abortion.
  • Many CPCs have strong religious affiliations, and this can be seen in the wording on the center’s website.
    • This may indicate to a patient or provider that this center does not provide abortions and is a CPC.
  • Many may be located near clinics that provide abortion services and have similar names to these medical clinics.

Services Crisis Pregnancy Centers may provide:

  • Ultrasound
  • Pregnancy Testing
  • Referrals for prenatal care
  • Education programs for future parents
  • Supplies for expectant parents

While these services are beneficial to expectant parents, especially those in resource-limited areas, it is important to ensure that if you are seeking an abortion or informative pregnancy counseling on all options that you do not schedule at or refer a patient to one of these centers.

CPC Maps

Activists have compiled a map of CPCs across the country. To access, use the links below:

To find a clinic in your area that DOES provide abortion services, please refer to: abortionfinder.org